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Starting out in the 1990s with a vision of designing and manufacturing industrial electric actuators with a plastic housing, and showing determination and resilience through early market scepticism from engineers used to 1950s design, heavy aluminium housed electric actuators, the J+J brand they created is now global. The Smart Red Box electric actuator was born and more than 25 years later, is sold in over 70 countries.


Product categories

Electric Product range

See our range of smart electric actuators manufactured by JJ

Created by Spanish brothers Jomi and Jordi Chaves in the 1980's, a design concept to produce the world's most user friendly, protected, multi-voltage, multi-function range of smart electric valve actuators is now a globally recognised brand that has been sold in over 70 countries. Known as The Smart Red Box since the innovative J2 Series was introduced in 2002, this web site offers a technical resource to provide visitors with information to replace, research, or specify our smart electric actuators. 

Accessories for JJ electric actuators

These quick and easy to install plug and play kits change the function of JJ smart electric actuators, introduced with the J3 Series-. These user friendly function conversion kits fit inside the housing of a standard 'on-off' electric actuator and are normally supplied fitted and tested by J+J, although they can easily and quickly be retrofitted should the required function in situ change.

electric actuated ball valve actuators from JJ Automation

For over 20 years JJ Automation, the specialists in valve actuation, have assembled, tested and supplied a wide range of quality electrically actuated ball valves to satisfied customers all around the world.

Electric Actuated butterfly valves from JJ Automation

For over 20 years JJ Automation, the specialists in valve actuation, have assembled, tested and supplied a wide range of quality electrically actuated butterfly valves to satisfied customers all around the world. 


Pneumatic Product range

CH-air ATEX approved part turn rack pinion A Type pneumatic valve actuator

The CH-air rack and pinion pneumatic actuators offer a very high quality valve actuator manufactured in Europe, the 'A' Type, or a Chinese manufactured 'C' Type pneumatic actuator that offers an excellent price to quality ratio. Both types are fully compliant with valve and actuator standards enabling the direct mounting of similarly compliant valves and actuator position control and monitoring devices.

Air actuated ball valves from JJ Automation

Air actuated ball valves offer a robust and reliable valve and actuator package typically where the actuated valve will see a lot of movements, where no electric supply is available, or where some vibration is present.

Air operated butterfly valves from JJ Automation

Wafer and fully lugged butterfly valves in a variety of bidy and liner materials fitted with a CH-air pneumatic actuator, supplied fully assembled and dry bench function tested prior to despatch. Click the image below to select the type of air actuated butterfly valve you require.

Accessories for pneumatic valve actuators

The products in this section are used to set the position of rotary pneumatic actuators, monitor the position, and provide both local and remote indication of their position. Select by clicking an image below for the accessory you require.


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