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A wealth of experience in every actuator or actuated valve package.

From a background of being a qualified sea-going  Marine Engineer in the late 1970s to a variety of UK sales management roles in the 1980s, Dave Chapman first did business with the Chaves brothers from near Barcelona, Spain, as National Valve Sales Manager for a well known UK supplier of pipeline equipment to the oil and gas industry in 1990. Some  years later, brothers Jomi and Jordi had started to develop their own initialled brand of J+J electric actuators, and became co-owners of J+J Automation UK Limited with Dave Chapman when he formed the Company in 1996.

Over the next 20 years, J+J Automation grew into the business it is today through its policy of concentrating on quality assurance and the highest levels of customer service. J+J UK have been ISO9001 approved by TUV since 2000. They were approved to the new ISO9001:2015 standard in October 2016.

A significant proportion of the company's sales are now exports, and J+J UK has exported J+J actuators and actuated valves to over 70 countries, with major customers in the USA and the Middle East.

With the introduction to the market of the J3 Smart Red Box electric actuator in 2008, J+J UK launched a new web site to promote the new range, but designed the web site towards pictorial product selection and technical information rather than a web shop. This technical resource became hugely popular around the world as the pictorial element eliminated possible language difficulties.

This latest web site was launched in 2016 to coincide with the introduction of the J3C S Type of 24-240V electric actuators, and maintains in depth technical information relating to all of the J+J actuators to assist customers looking to replace or upgrade their J+J electric actuators.

Our company history

Dave Chapman whilst working as a sole trader supplying a variety of valves and actuated valves, starts to contact potential customers to announce that an exciting new product is about to be introduced to the UK market – a plastic housed industrial electric actuator. A few customers took samples to test and approve, and started to place orders. Dave held a small stock in his garage at home to service this early demand. 1996 As sales grew beyond being able to operate from his garage, along with his new partners Jomi & Jordi Chaves, Spanish owners of the electric actuator design and manufacturing business bearing their name, J+J, Dave Chapman formed J+J Automation UK Limited, and took a small office and store in Droitwich, Worcestershire, UK., renting from a major customer of his sole trading business. 1997 Quickly outgrowing this small office and store an needing to hold more stocks of J+J electric actuators, J+J UK moved to an industrial estate in Worcester, UK, occupying a former office suite in a large Victorian industrial building and converted it into a large sales office and combined stores and assembly & test area.

Outgrowing this Victorian building, J+J UK relocated to Pershore, Worcestershire and rented a light industrial unit with a capacity to hold bulk stocks of electric actuators, pneumatic actuators and a range of ball valves and butterfly valves suitable to be converted into actuated valves, and to grow the business significantly without requiring another move in the short to medium term. The J2 Smart Red Box series of J+J manufactured electric actuators was launched and its innovative design and impressive standard feature list, and along with J+J UK’s new web site, made it a huge success. The J2 introduced multi-voltage capability in electric actuators which reduced the stocked range significantly compared with the previous voltage specific range, whilst also increasing stock flexibility significantly. This new feature attracted multiple valve distributors to become stockists. The J3 Smart Red Box made its debut and introduced the LED status light and plug & play function conversion kits to the industrial valve and actuator markets. The impact of the J3 on the business was huge as the markets fell in love with the flexibility of holding a single on-off J3 electric actuator and some function conversion kits, and being able to offer failsafe or modulating electric actuators from stock – by installing the user friendly failsafe and/or modulating plug and play function conversion kits.

Introducing a dome style local visual position indicator and uplifting the ingress protection rating to IP67, the J3C Smart Red Box range of electric actuators manufactured by J+J was introduced. This added a hand wheel operated geared manual override to the Model 20 (20Nm). A new version of the highly popular DPS (Digital Positioning System) plug & play function conversion kit was developed for the J3C, offering even easier user friendly installation, and simplified self-calibration. J+J UK relocate to Matlock in Derbyshire. J+J finally crack the difficult task of developing a single multi-voltage electric actuator that automatically senses the supply voltage, allowing any voltage between 24 and 240V AC or DC to be applied. A patent for this innovation is pending. This allowed the opportunity to introduce some other new features, such as a split main PCB allowing either the power or control side to be replaced if damaged without having to replace the compete PCB, and digital magnetic position sensing in the new DPS positioner plug & play kit. The J3C S range of electric actuators was introduced late in 2016. The latest and by far the Smartest Red Box from J+J, the innovative European electric actuator manufacturer.

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