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Electric Ball Valve Actuators, select from: Brass, Stainless Steel, Plastic, and Cast Iron & their function: On-off, Failsafe, Modulating, On-off Modulating

The most popular motorised valve is the electric ball valve as it offers process engineers a wide variety of flow isolation or flow control valve options for either 2 port ball valve or 3 port ball valve configurations.

2 Port motorised valves either isolate or regulate flow and are available in a variety of body styles  such as 2 piece or 3 piece construction, and for many years ball valve manufacturers have incorporated the ISO5211 standard for actuator mounting to ensure reliable valve actuation. Wherever practical J+J therefore only offer electric ball valves with ISO5211 actuator mounting pads for this reason.

3 port motorised valves are used to change the direction of flow of the process media and are available with 2 ball styles, a 3 way L port ball valve only for diverting applications, or a 3 way T port ball valve for either diverting or mixing. Most electric 3 way ball valves are diverting as they can be configured to offer straight through flow in one direction which reduces the pressure drop across the ball valve.

These electronic valves are available in wide variety of materials that cover most metal ball valves in different pressure classes, and plastic ball valves. J+J offer the popular electrically actuated ball valves from stock, with electric brass ball valveselectric stainless steel ball valveselectric cast iron valves and electric plastic ball valves being the most commonly supplied.

For electric flow control valve applications the V control ball valve is recommended as the V notch ball offers much improved flow characteristics when compared to a conventional ball, and the combination of J+J’s DPS smart modulating electronic actuator with a V control ball valve offers commercial and overall size advantages over a conventional globe control valve package.

All motorised valves are supplied fully assembled and are dry bench function tested prior to shipping.

25 years of manufacturing in Europe, a wealth of experience in every actuator.

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