Electric Iron Butterfly Valves

Actuated On Off Wafer WRAS Cast Iron Butterfly Valves Assembled and Tested at our Matlock UK works.

E6103W Electric Cast Iron WRAS Wafer Butterfly Valve with On Off J3C-S Smart Actuator

Overview: Electrically actuated on-off wafer pattern cast iron butterfly valve, stainless steel disc, EPDM liner, UK WRAS approved for use on drinking water.

Function: J3C-S on-off smart electric actuators are designed for power to open and power to close. Stays put on external power failure. Designed to have power applied continuously.

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Sizing Criteria:

J3CS Electrical on-off actuators have been sized on drinking water at a maximum pressure of 10 bar, ambient temperature. If your application differs from this please contact us to check sizing.


Alternative liners to suit different media.
Typically NBR, Viton, Silicon.
PTFE liner versions available.
Higher temperatures possible using a mounting kit but are liner and application dependant.

Part Number E6103WS
JJ Electric Actuator Type J3CS Overview  
Supply Voltage Range 24-240V AC or DC
Power Light Yes
Actuator Status Light Yes, multi-colour LED
Fault Status Light Yes, Flashing multi-colour LED
Electrical Connection External Din plugs (Supplied)
Ingress Protection IP67 Fully weatherproof
Anti-condensation Protection Thermostatic heater supplied
Ambient Temperature range -20C to +70C
Over Torque Protection Electronic torque limiter
Emergency Hand Operation Yes, selectable manual overrride
Visual Position Indicator Yes, dome style, mechanically driven
End of Travel Confirmation Yes, 2 volt free SPDT micro-switches
Butterfly Valve Overview  
End Connections Wafer Pattern suits PN16 & ASA150
Body Material Cast Iron
Disc Material Stainless steel
Seat Material WRAS Approvesd EPDM
Pressure Rating 10-16 Bar at +70C max
Temperature Rating 0C to +100C

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