J2-L 24-48V Smart Electric Valve Actuator

JJ Type J2 Smart Electric Valve Actuator Model J2-L For 85-240V AC or DC Supply

J2-L Series Smart Electric Actuators For Low Voltage Supplies Between 12-48V AC or DC. The J2-L Series was superseded in 2008 by the J3-L Series.

The J2 Series from J+J, the EU electric actuator manufacturer, was released in 2002 and elevated the J+J electrical actuator from a basic product to what became known as ‘The Smart Red Box’ with the introduction of a complex electronic PCB and an on-board micro-chip. Introducing electronics and programming allowed parameters to be set and monitored which enabled the innovative design engineers at J+J to create a new concept in volume selling electronic actuators which was unique at the time, but now much copied. Please see our J2-L support page for more information.

Probably the most significant change was the introduction of protective features to prevent failures of which the JJ actuator was not the cause, specifically damage from condensation, and from blocked valves, or under-sizing relative to valve torque.

A thermostatic anti-condensation heater was introduced as standard but it did not need a separate power supply as it drew from the main external power Din plug, and maintained the inner housing at around +20C eliminating the risk of condensation damage completely. J+J developed an electronic torque limiter that continuously monitors motor current draw and should a maximum limit, and rate of increase be simultaneously breeched, power to the motor is cut. Motor load is relative to torque output, so this system was called an electronic torque limiter. A major advantage is that motor power is cut before the motor windings become hot, so unlike with conventional thermal motor cut-out protection, the J2 could be immediately driven in the reverse direction to a blockage to try and use the flowing media to clear the blockage. A smart red box.

25 years of manufacturing in Europe, a wealth of experience in every actuator.

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