J3C-H 110-240V Smart Electric Valve Actuator

BSR kit containing a NiCad battery and control PCB with on-board trickle charger for J3C smart electric actuators, and DPS kit containing digital positioner PCB. Neither backward compatible with Type J3 actuators, nor forward compatible with J3C smart actuators.

JJ Type J3C-H Smart Failsafe Modulating Electric Valve Actuator BSR DPS Function Conversion Kit

Overview: User friendly plug and play function conversion kits to provide failsafe modulating function. Uses both the BSR failsafe and DPS modulating kits. Can be retro-fitted.

Function: Continuous external power, movement controlled by DPS (Digital Positioning System) input control signal, typically 4-20mA or 0-10V. Configurable to open, close, or freeze on loss of control signal. Pre-set to fail open, or close on loss of external power failure. Output signal provided.

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Suits Models J3CH20, J3CH35, J3CH55 & J3CH85


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J3C BSR DPS Failsafe Modulating System Kit Overview  
DPS means Digital Positioning System
Purpose Creates modulating electric actuator from on-off version
Retrofittable Yes (simple to install)
Backward or forward compatible No, only fits J3C-H (and L) Models 20-85
Main components PCB with potentiometer feedback and digital control
Input signal options 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 2-10V
Output signal options 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 2-10V
Response to loss of control signal Fail closed, Fail Open, Fail Freeze
Component weight 0.1Kg including replacement cover change (3 Din plugs)
J3C BSR Failsafe System Kit Overview  
BSR means Battery'Spring Return' (no mechanical springs)
Purpose Creates failsafe electric actuator from on-off version
Retrofittable Yes (simple to install)
Forward compatible No
Backward compatible Yes, fits J3 'H' and 'L' Models 20-85
Main components Industrial rechargeable NiCad battery and PCB
Initial minimum charge period 36h
Max operations from fully charged battery 5 at maximum torque
Recharge time after each movement Minimum 26 minutes
Battery consumption when working 0.1W
Nominal battery capacity 800mA
Confuguration options Fail closed or fail open on loss of power
On power resumption Respects control input signal when power is restored
Component weight 0.23Kg
No connections.
J3 & J3C Installing the BSR Failsafe system into the actuator
J3C Installing the DPS Positionerinto a J3C actuator

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