New RC Series Electric Actuator

Type RC Model 85 Electric 24V Actuator Power Open Power Close

RC-85-24V On Off Electric Actuator with Basic Features 85Nm

Overview: Maximum 90Nm basic on-off reversible IP67 24V electric quarter turn valve actuator. Manual override. External Din plug connection. Local dome style visual position indicator.Internal fuses. F05 & F07 x 17mm female star mounting.

Function: Power open, power close. Stays put on external power failure. Designed to have power on at all times.

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Sizing Criteria:

Max break torque 90Nm.
Max run and reseat torque 85Nm.
Max ambient temp range -20 to +70C.


14mm female star drive output.

JJ Electric Actuator Type RC85 Overview  
Model RC85 24V AC/DC
Function On Off
On loss of power Stays put
Max Break and Run Torque Nm 90 - 85
Supply Voltage 24V AC/DC (internal dip switch)
Working time 26s
Electrical Connection Via supplied Din plugs
Valve mounting ISO5211 F05 & F07
Drive Output 17mm female star
Ingress Protection IP67 Fully weatherproof
Ambient Temperature range -20C to +70C
Electrical Protection Internal fuse
Emergency Hand Operation Yes, selectable geared manual override
Visual Position Indicator Yes, dome style, mechanically driven
End of Travel Confirmation Yes, 2 volt free SPDT micro-switches
Warranty 10,000 cycles or 1 year from date of purchase
Weight 3.0kg

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