Payment Details

Please note this web site is not a web shop and it is not possible to pay directly through this site. Orders and payments are sent to our UK office.

We accept the following payment methods:


For non-account holders we issue a Proforma Invoice which must be paid in full before we will release the goods.
Various payment methods can be used - see below :-
Cheque (UK customers only)

Made payable to: J+J Automation UK Ltd, and posted to our address (see Contact Us page)
BACS (UK Customers only)

Bank Sort Code:     16-34-33
Account No:             Contact us for details
Account Name:        J+J Automation UK Ltd

Beneficiary:              J+J AUTOMATION UK LTD
Bank:                         Royal Bank of Scotland PLC

Bank Address:          5-9 St Nicholas Street, Worcester, WR1 1UR, England, UK

UK VAT:                     GB 670 4994 06
Cash (£ GBP, UK Customers only)

Cash payments can be made in person only at out UK address in Pershore
Credit Cards  (£ GBP, UK Customers only)

We accept the following cards for payment:

Credit Account:  (UK Companies only)

30 day Net Monthly (payment due within 30 days from end of month of invoice) credit accounts are available for UK mainland companies only, subject to our approval. Our credit application form is here, please print it off, complete it and fax it back to us on +44(0)1629 55577. We will advise you with regard to your request on conclusion of the credit checking process and our decision is final. Credit facilities are withdrawn if invoices become overdue and persistent offenders will have their credit facility terminated. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue amounts. See our Terms & Conditions regarding the implications of late payment on our warranty.

Electronic Transfer: (Method of payment for foreign Customers)

Important notes:

IBAN payments move directly from foreign banks to our UK bank account. We are charged one receipt charge by our bank. We prefer that you use this method.

BIC (SWIFT) transfers are sent by the foreign bank to a UK clearing bank, who then send the payment to our UK account. We are charged for two receipts by our bank.

** VERY IMPORTANT**   Whichever method is used, DO NOT charge the fee from your bank to send the payment to our account otherwise we may not ship the goods. We only accept the charge our bank makes to receive your payment.

Euro € Payments ONLY:

IBAN:                 GB17 RBOS 1610 8510 0824 57 
BIC:                    RBOS GB 2L (SWIFT code)
Sort Code:        16 10 85
Account No:     Contact us for details (EURO)

Beneficiary:       J+J Automation UK Ltd
Bank:                 Royal Bank of Scotland PLC

Address:            (Sort Code 16-10-85)                 
                            c/o 5-9 St Nicholas Street, Worcester, WR1 1UR, England, UK

Sterling £ Payments ONLY:

IBAN:                 GB49 RBOS 1634 3310 0244 86
BIC:                     RBOS GB 2L (SWIFT code)
Sort Code:         16 34 33
Account No:      Contact us for details (£ GBP STERLING)

Beneficiary:       J+J Automation UK Ltd
Bank:                 Royal Bank of Scotland PLC
Address:            5-9 St Nicholas Street, Worcester, WR1 1UR,England, UK

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