Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve

JJ Air Actuated Ball Valve with CH-air Air Actuator

We offer a range of CH-air Pneumatic ball valve assemblies assembled and tested at our Matlock UK works.

Pneumatic ball valves are widely used for flow isolation and control in pneumatic actuation systems because these air operated valves are available in a range of body styles and sizes, materials and pressure ratings and they are suitable for most applications ranging from water, gases, steam,  oils, foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and powders. An actuated ball valve has an internal ball with a hole through it sealed typically with PTFE seats compressed against it by the ball valve’s ends, driven through a quarter turn by a stem operated by the air actuator. Air operated ball valves offer a robust, rugged and reliable actuated valve package at a relatively low cost, and offer fast working times, can be operated continuously, and are comfortable in high cycling applications where appropriate.

Wherever practical J+J only use ball valves with integral ISO5211 valve actuator mounting platforms to help ensure sturdy and concentric valve to actuator drive which experience has shown, improves reliability and longevity of the air actuated ball valve assembly.

The most popular styles of air actuated ball valves use 2 piece or 3 piece construction ball valves. 2 piece construction is common in air operated brass ball valves and air actuated stainless steel ball valves, and comprises a cast body that contains the downstream ball seat, ball and stem, and an end cap that contains the upstream ball seat which when screwed into the body, compresses the ball seals creating the seal. Air actuated 3 piece ball valves typically have the ball, stem and ball seats held in a centre section that two separate end caps compress with body bolts to create the seal. Most 3 piece ball valves have a centre section that can swing-out which allows the ball valve seats and seals, and ball if required, to be replaced whilst the actuated ball valve is still fitted in the pipe line.

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