Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve

JJ Air actuated Butterfly Valve with CH-air air actuator

CH-air pneumatic actuated butterfly valves with iron bodies assembled and tested at our Matlock UK works.

Pneumatic actuated butterfly valves sandwich mount between flanges and are a lightweight alternative to traditional gate valves. They have a circular disc contained within a ring that is driven by a central shaft and create a seal by compressing a seal in the closed position. Pneumatic operated butterfly valves use compressed air to drive the valve actuator which automatically opens and closes the actuated butterfly valve. There are a wide variety of air actuated butterfly valves available in a range of body styles and sizes, materials and pressure ratings and they are suitable for most applications ranging from water, gases, oils, foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and powders. The most commonly used is the cast iron butterfly valve because typically with a stainless steel disc and rubber liner, it is suitable for the most common ambient temperature, low pressure applications of water, gases, oils, many chemicals and foodstuffs.

Air actuated butterfly valves offer a robust, rugged and reliable actuated valve package at a relatively low cost, and offer fast working times, can be operated continuously, and are comfortable in high cycling applications where appropriate.

As the torque in a pneumatic actuator relates to the area of the internal pistons and compressed air pressure being applied (force = pressure x area), the cost of producing large torque output air actuators is lower than an equivalent electrical actuator, and large diameter air actuated butterfly valves are generally more readily available than their electrical counterparts. With a variety of air actuator control, monitoring and feedback devices that can direct mount to the valve actuator, air actuated butterfly valves are ideal as fluid isolating and control valves in pneumatic actuation systems.

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