Limit Switch Boxes

Power Genex-3100 Stainless Limit Switch Box for Exd Areas

Power Genex LSB-3100 Hazardous Area Stainless Steel Limit Switch Boxes For Pneumatic Rotary Valve Actuators

Overview: IP67 ATEX Zone 1 hazardous area use stainless steel housed limit switch box with a variety of switch and sensor options, local visual indicator, cable galnd and mounting bracket.

Function: Provides signal for remote end of travel position confirmation, and local visual position indication.

Select Actuator Function:

Sizing Criteria:

Mounting bracket suits actuator ISO5211 and VDI-VDE3845 dimensions


Many switch and sensor options (see data sheet)
80 x 30 x 20
80 x 30 x 30
130 x 30 x 30
130 x 30 x 50

Stainless steel ATEX EExd Zone 1 Limit Switch Box Overview  
Weatherproof rating IP67
Housing material Cast stainless steel
Local Indicator Dome style
Fasteners Stainless steel
Bracket Stainless steel
Switches See data sheet for options
No connections.

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