Manual Override Declutchable Gearboxes

Declutchable gearboxes are installed between the pneumatic actuator and the valve and can disengage the actuator to valve drive to create a manual override facilty.

Cast Iron Declutchable Gearbox With Hand Wheel Manual Override For Pneumatic Rotary Valve Actuators

Overview: Epoxy coated cast iron declutchable gearbox complete with selector lever and hand wheel.

Function: Device to create a manual overide function for pneumatic actuators. Disengages actuator drive and selects hand wheel operation.

Select Actuator Function:

Sizing Criteria:
Suits ISO5211 compliant valves and actuators.

Square drive adapters.

No Datasheets.
Declutchable Gearbox Overview
Housing MaterialCast Iron
Surface ProtectionExpoxy Coated
Valve connectionISO5211 with female drive
Actuator ConnectionISO5211 with male drive
No connections.

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