Mounting Kits

Bespoke Box Type Mounting Kits For Pneumatic Rotary Valve Actuators

Stainless steel body declutchable gearboxes disengage the actuator to valve drive to create a manual override facilty.

Overview: Bespoke mounting kits designed and manufactured for specifi applications, generally taller kits than standard, or for non-ISO5211 compliant valves.

Function: Creates gap between actuator and valve which uses air flow to dissiPCte heat from the service rising from the valve into the actuator, allowing actuators to be used on valves seeing high temperatures.

Select Actuator Function:

Sizing Criteria:
Bespoke, application by application.

Coating or PCinting options.

No Datasheets.
Bespoke Type Mounting Kits Overview
Typical Material 304SS or PCinted steel
ConstructionFrom box section
Valve MountTypically non ISO5211
Actuator MountTypically to ISO5211
Drive Adapter Machined to suit valve stem
No connections.

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