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CH-air Pneumatic Valve Actuator A Type Stainless Steel Raw Forged Finish

High quality EU manufactured forged 316 stainless steel rack and pinion pneumatic actuator with forged surface finish

Overview: EU manufactured SIL 3 rated ATEX rack and pinion pneumatic quarter turn actuator. Forged stainless steel body, raw finish. Balanced air and spring stroke. Rugged, durable, reliable, high quality actuator.

Function: Compressed air forces pistons apart to open the actuator, it then closes by compressed air in double acting versions, of closes by springs in spring return actuators.

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Sizing Criteria:
Manufacturer's sizing charts provide torque outputs based on supply air pressure and in spring return actuators

Reverse acting (air close, spring open).
Forged stainless steel pistons.
NPT air connections

No Datasheets.
CH-air AType ATEX Approved Pneumatic Actuator Overview
TypeRack and pinion
Body MaterialForged 316 Stainless Steel
Body FinishRaw forged finish
End CapsForged 316 Stainless Steel
PistonsDie cast aluminium
Spring TypePre-compressed cartridge type
Spring materialEpoxy coated spring steel
PinionNickel plated steel
SealsNBR Nitrile Rubber
Sliding PartsAcetal resin
GreaseHigh performance synthetic
FastenersAISI 304 Stainless Steel
Conforms to-
ISO5211 & DIN3337
CE 2006/42/CE
ATEX EXII 2 GD 2014/34/UE
SIL-3 in accordance with IEC61508 & 61511
Excluded from PED 2014/68/UE Clause 1.2.j.ii
Manufacturer -
No connections.

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