Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

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In an electric actuated butterfly valve, the valve uses a circular disc contained within a ring style body that sandwich mounts between pipe flanges, which rotates by a quarter turn by a central shaft with a seal typically created by the outer edge of the disc compressing a resilient rubber seal located within the ring, as the valve closes. Body styles are typically either wafer type or fully lugged and tapped to suit either metric or ANSI flanges, although double flanged or groove ended versions are available. Electrically actuated butterfly valves allow the position of the butterfly valve to be automatically (or motorized) controlled remotely whereas manually operated butterfly valves require human intervention at the physical location of the valve. Compared with the more traditional flanged gate valves, an actuated butterfly valve is lighter in weight making it easier to install, and offers more favorable pricing.

J+J smart electric actuators produce a quality electronic butterfly valve in a variety of styles from mass produced concentric rubber lined to offset high performance butterfly valves, in a range of materials from plastics through iron to carbon and stainless steel. Its plastic housing makes the J+J smart electric actuator ideally suited to actuate a plastic butterfly valve and a range offering all the commonly used plastic materials including uPVC, CPVC, ABS, Polypropylene and PVDF are readily available as electric butterfly valves.

All smart motorised butterfly valves are assembled and 100% dry bench function tested prior to shipping. Electric butterfly valves from J and J are double packed in fully recyclable card packaging to protect them from transit damage.

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