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Back in 2007 J+J created a distinction between electric actuator accessories and options for electric actuators, by almost eliminating the options and providing them as standard features, whilst adding accessories that changed the operational function of the actuator. The plug and play function conversion kits to convert an on-off actuator into eithe a failsafe electric actuator or a modulating electric actuator were introduced as the first valve actuator accessories for the J+J smart electric actuator.

Creating a failsafe electric actuator or spring actuator from a standard on-off actuator using valve actuator accessories from stock was a new concept and the innovative design team at J+J were first to the market with their Battery ‘Spring Return’(BSR) kit . This BSR plug and play actuator accessory kit enabled an industrial trickle chargeable battery and control circuit board to be installed within the same housing as the on-off electronic actuator, eliminating the former piggy-backed solution where a separate housing containing the battery back-up system was used.

Proportional control required a second function conversion kit to enable the on-off electronic actuator to benefit from these new valve actuator accessories and the DPS (Digital Positioning System) was introduced at the same time as the BSR.  The DPS constantly compares the physical position of the actuator’s output shaft with a control signal that is typically the output from a process controller. If a difference exists the DPS moves runs the motor in the direction needed to cancel the difference. Hence the angular position of the actuator’s output shaft is proportional to the control signal. The DPS is true plug and play, auto calibrates, is user friendly, and whilst it is quick and easy to install and can therefore be retrofitted, typically it is installed and tested by J+J or its authorised distributors.

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