J3C-L 24V Smart Electric Valve Actuator

JJ Smart Electric Valve Actuator Type J3C-L For 12-24V AC or DC Supply

J3C-L Series Smart Electric Actuators for low voltage supplies between 12-24V AC or DC.

The J3C-L Series of low voltage electric valve actuators from J+J, the innovative EU electric actuator manufacturer, offer automatic voltage sensing multi-voltage capability covering a range of low voltages between 12V and 24V AC or DC. The external power is supplied to the gray external DIN plug supplied with the J3C-L actuator.

The J3C Series introduced the dome style local visual position indicator to the former J3 model in 2012 which changed the actuator’s cover. The physical position indicator became an internal component driven by a plastic shaft, as opposed to the previous J3 model that had a stainless steel shaft that protruded through the cover and drove an externally mounted visual indicator. Reducing the number of through-cover shafts to just one (for the manual override hand wheel) assisted in improving the ingress protection rating from IP65 to IP67. IP67 rating allows the electrical actuator to be submerged for short periods, and is fully weatherproof.

The most noticeable change was to the Model 20 as the former J3 Model 20’s combined lever type manual override operator and local visual position indicator on a flat top housing saw the cover change to the dome style local indicator and a hand wheel operated manual override added, increasing the overall height of the Model 20.

Other features remained the same leaving the red single colour LED status light, the electronic torque limiter with auto gear relaxing system, the thermostatic anti-condensation heater, and the selectable hand wheel operated manual override, unchanged.

Plug and play function conversion kits for the J3C Series were unchanged from the J3 making the kits both forward and backward compatible. This covers the BSR battery back-up failsafe system and the DPS digital positioning system. Models 140 and 300 were upgraded to the J3C style in 2014 to become J3CL140 and J3CL140.

The J3C range was superseded by the J3C-S Type in late 2016.

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