J3C-S 24-240V Smart Electric Actuator

JJ Smart Electric Valve Actuator Type J3C-S With Single Multi Voltage

The J3C-S single multi-voltage smart actuator from J+J offers the automatic sensing of any external power supply between 24-240V AC or DC, in a single actuator.

The J3C 'S' Type from J+J, the EU electric actuator manufacturer, was released in late 2016 and introduced a single multi-voltage smart electrical actuator. The innovation that led to the J3C-S smart actuator being able to automatically sense any supply voltage, AC or DC, between 24V and 240V, has a patent pending. This achievement reduces the range of actuators by half as the former J3C model split the 24-240V range into a low voltage version covering 24V, and a high voltage version covering 110-240V.

The electronic actuator’s main circuit board is split in the J3C-S with a power board, and a control board, linked by a plug and socket and either can be changed should it become damaged. This allows a separate 12V power board to be fitted should it be required. In all cases the control board remains unchanged.

The widely acclaimed LED light, introduced by J+J in the 2008 launch of the original J3 electric valve actuator, has an uplift to become multi-coloured. This enables the J3C-S to show a green light for open, a red light for closed, and a flashing amber colour which advises users either of travelling between open and closed, or an event has occurred preventing the J3C-S from working. A blue light advises when proportional control is employed.

The hugely popular function conversion kits see the introduction of digital magnetic position sensing in the DPS positioner kit, and different connectivity in the BSR failsafe kit making them unique to the J3C-S Type.

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