J3-L 24V Smart Electric Valve Actuator

JJ Smart Electric Valve Actuator Type J3-L For 12-24V AC or DC Supply

J3-L Series Smart Electric Actuators For Low Voltage Supplies Between 12-24V AC or DC. Superseded in 2012 by the J3C Series.

The J3-L Series of low voltage electric valve actuators offer automatic voltage sensing multi-voltage capability covering a range of low voltages between 12V and 24V AC or DC. The external power is supplied to the gray external DIN plug supplied with the J3-L actuator.

Uniquely at the time but to become much copied, the standard on-off version of the J3 electronic actuator could have its function changed to either failsafe or modulating by installing conversion kits within the housing. Any ‘standard’ J3 actuator could be on-off, failsafe, modulating or failsafe modulating. For stockists this dramatically increased the flexibility of their inventory and sales of failsafe and modulating actuators exploded due to the availability compared to the norm of a factory lead time for failsafe or modulating versions.

TheJ3-L failsafe electric actuator was created by installing the BSR battery back-up kit within the existing housing thereby no increasing the electrical actuator’s footprint, which had been the case in the previous model where the battery was mounted side by side in a separate housing. The DPS positioner kit provided a separate cover with the extra Din plug required for the control signal input and output signals.

A clearly visible external LED light was introduced in the J3-L electric actuator to provide users with continuous visual actuator status feedback. If the J3-L was functional, the red LED was constantly lit, but if an event had occurred that prevented the J3-L electrical actuator from functioning, the LED would flash, and the sequence of the flashes would indicate a possible cause. The two most common causes were a valve blockage, or the J3-L was in manual mode.

The J3-L range covering models 20 through 85 was superseded by the J3C-L range in 2012.

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