New R Series Electric Actuator

New R Series

New R Series

Not every application requires an electrical actuator to have such a comprehensive range of features that the J3C-S Type offers as standard, and may only require to simply drive a valve open and closed. In these cases the cost element of the standard features in the J3C-S can be prohibitive, and J+J, the EU electric actuator manufacturer, developed a reversible actuator with a very basic feature set.

The New R Series is an updated version of the Company’s original R Series reversible electric actuator, and uses the same housing style, motor and gearbox as the current J3C-S electronic actuator, but with a very basic printed circuit board to reduce the cost.

The New R Series is not multi-voltage across the high voltages so for 110VAC or 240VAC versions, and although the 24V version can be either AC or DC it needs an internal jumper to be changed, so for all orders, buyers must advise the specific voltage that will be used. Electrical connections are via the supplied power and end of travel confirmation Din plugs, mounting is in accordance with ISO5211 with a double square (star) female output shaft, and manual mode is selectable.

There are no protective devices other than internal power circuit fuses, so care must be taken to ensure that exposure to potentially damaging torques and ambient conditions that could cause condensation have been fully considered before selecting a New R Series electric actuator.

Should the application be deemed suitable the New R Series will provide basic on-off function at a competitive price.

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