Original R Series Basic Electric Actuator

JJ R Series Reversible Basic Electric Valve Actuator

Original R Series reversible electric actuator, introduced around 1995.

The original R Series was developed in the early 1990s by J+J, the EU electric actuator manufacturer, was the first reversible electric actuator they designed, and was one of the world’s first plastic industrial electric valve actuators.

Designers at J+J wanted to break the mould that had seen most electrical actuators being large, heavy, aluminum housed units who’s design hadn’t seemed to change much since the typical USA styles from the 1950s, and embrace modern plastic materials to coincide with the dramatic growth of the use of ball valves and butterfly valves, an in particular plastic valves. A plastic housed electric valve actuator seemed the natural way forward.

Work started in persuading users of actuated valves that the housing was simply a cover to prevent ingress of dust and water, or the weather, and that the housing shouldn’t need to be robust enough to be stood on or withstand knocks, because an automatic valve shouldn’t be located in positions where those events were likely. On that basis it didn’t matter if the housing was plastic or aluminum. Clearly, where an actuator may be exposed to those events, a sturdy material would be required – but for the vast majority of installations, plastic housings should be more than suitable.

Fortunately, many users in different markets and using both metal bodied and plastic valves agreed, and the plastic housed industrial electric valve actuator was about to take the global market for electric ball valves and electric actuated butterfly valves by storm.

The R Series was superseded by the J2 Smart Red Box electrical actuators in 2002.

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