U Series Basic Electric Actuator

JJ U Series Unidirectional 15Nm Economy Electric Valve Actuator

U Series 15Nm unidirectional electric actuator, introduced around 1995.

The U Series was developed in the early 1990s by J+J, the EU electric actuator manufacturer, was the first electric actuator they designed, and was one of the world’s first plastic industrial electric valve actuators.

Originally the U was designed specifically with one of the world’s biggest brand names in the industrial plastic valve manufacturing field in mind, to offer a competitively priced on-off electric valve actuator.

The resulting actuator was the 15Nm U-0 or unidirectional electric actuator, comprising of a plastic housing, a combination of plastic and metal gearbox with a selectable manual override, and a horizontal PCB containing the motor, open and closed switches, end of travel confirmation switches, and basic electronics. Offering basic open-close function achieved by stopping the motor at ninety degree intervals but rotating in the same direction, simplified the motor control circuitry and enabled the U-0 electrical actuator to be offered at a competitive price.

The plastic valve manufacturer took the U-0 actuator and incorporated it into its range, and sold large volumes for many years.

As in most cases when innovating new products, many lessons were learned from the design, manufacture, production and after sales support of the U-0 electric actuator, and many of these appeared in the J2 and J2-10 Series of reversible electrical actuators subsequently designed and manufactured by J+J.

The U-0 was superseded in the main by the J2-10 Series in 2009.

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