Rotary Positioners

Power Genes SS3 Smart Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

PG-SS3 expolsion proofsmart positioner, available with aluminum or stainless steel housing.

Overview: User friendly auto-calibrating smart electro-pneumatic positioner for use in ATEX Exd rated hazardous areas, with local push-buttons and LED screen for parameter setting and instrument feedback. Wide range of options including bus communications.

Function: The internal micro-processor constantly compares the input signal (4-20mA or via bus) with the physical position of the output shaft and if a difference exists, sends a correcting signal. The correcting signal is converted from 4-20mA to 3-15 psi, opening an internal valve allowing the supply air pressure to be fed to the actuator.

Select Actuator Function:

Sizing Criteria:

Restrict pilot orifice for small air volume actuators to eliminate hunting


Output 4-20mA position transmitter
2 Alarms or SPDT micro-switch
Low temperature version (-40C)
HART communication
Profibus PA communication
Foundation fieldbus communication


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