CH-air Pneumatic Rotary Valve Actuator

CH-air Pneumatic Rotary Valve Actuator

CH-air CE marked and ATEX approved rack and pinion rotary quarter turn pneumatic valve actuator .

CH-air actuators are offered from two sources, the A Type offering a very high quality Italian manufactured SIL 3 rated rotary actuator with machined internal mating components and cylinder bore to reduce friction and improve durability, available with a variety of surface finishes to suit different ambient conditions, and a Chinese rack and pinion C Type air actuator which has a lighter construction and less machining to produce a competitively priced pneumatic valve actuator.

The CH-air A Type actuator is also available in forged stainless steel and offered with either a raw forged finish, or a mirror polished finish producing an air actuator that can be used in aggressive atmospheres or in food and pharmaceutical applications.

All CH-air actuators conform to the international standards and provide Namur interfaces, ISO5211 and VDI-VDE3845 mounting that facilitate the direct mounting of valves, and position control, monitoring and feedback devices. Namur solenoid valves, limit switch boxes and pneumatic positioners can all be quickly and positively mounted.

Pneumatic actuators convert the energy in compressed air into rotary torque to typically open and close quarter turn valves, and these valve actuators are common in pneumatic actuation systems. CH-air pneumatic valve actuators are of rack and pinion construction whereby pistons with an integrally cast rack, contained within a cylinder, drive a pinion to create the rotary movement needed to open and close a quarter turn valve. Compressed air is supplied and exhausted from either side of the pistons to drive the pistons which rotates the pinion. The final open and closed positions of the air actuator are set using adjustable mechanical stops. Pneumatic valve actuators are fast acting, can be operated continuously, and are comfortable in very high cycling applications.

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